Granddaughter Named Grace

From 2012…

Last August I had a vivid dream in which I was holding a young baby.  I realized it was my granddaughter, and her name was Grace.  After I awakened, I pondered it a bit, wondered which beautiful son was going to produce my granddaughter, Grace.  I decided I’d keep the dream to myself and only told my husband at the time about it, and left it with, “We’ll see!”

I have dreamt many times of being pregnant or holding new babies or even giving birth.  To me, as one beyond reproduction, it has represented being pregnant with possibilities and plans, or giving birth to new adventures or ventures, and the new baby represents the beginning, the commencement of a project.

I hadn’t gone there with this dream because it was my granddaughter, not my own pregnancy, birth or baby.  I was going to be content with waiting to see which son produced my beautiful granddaughter named Grace.  I was aware that I could have many years before Grace came to fruition…

As it turns out, through a revelation I had this morning after an intense night of wild dreams, is that my granddaughter named Grace has been birthed and fully engaged in Her new life.  Since the time of the dream in August I have been truly Graced and Blessed with the connection made with my middle son’s “secret” girlfriend (as we fondly refer to her).  Through this connection, I have been able to more fully see and experience my son from a new perspective, through someone else’s eyes.  I am thrilled to no measure that they have found this love and that he appears to be thriving in it.  This brings me great joy!

Whatever becomes of this connection, I bask in this now, and fully celebrate my “granddaughter” Grace (for this is what they have created together!)  I am so grateful for these moments of knowledge.

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Grace, indeed!  Blessings too!

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Dar La Luz

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Without the darkness, there isn’t Light to compare.  It’s still duality, and our choice to live it out on this planet.  If it were all Light, then we wouldn’t know the difference.  I don’t know about you, but I often grow weary of the darkness, and the duality and am ready to see it come to a close, for the planet, for each of us.

I think of the darkness before birth, safely tucked away in our mother’s wombs, not knowing that there exists a whole other world that we were conceived and destined to enter.  There’s security in that darkness, comfort – maybe this is why we are often drawn to traditions and family during this dark time of the year.  I remember when I was pregnant with Alan my oldest son, now 32 years ago.  I was 20 years old and taking a Spanish class at UC- Boulder and driving there every day for this class from Golden.  One day we learned the Spanish verb to give birth:  Dar la luz (to give the light).  I remember going over and over it in my mind, and focussing on the light.  At that time I saw “the light” as the new baby, full of light, which I don’t think is wrong… but now I see that it could be from the idea that the baby comes from darkness into light.  I thought that this was a beautiful way to describe the amazing process of childbirth.  Weirdly and ironically, we are born into light, as light, into this strange world of darkness, duality.  Our challenge is then to remember our own lights and let them shine forth.